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Is understated, effortless and timeless. Refinement, romance and lady-like air.
Is beautiful, rich fabrics and finishing, attention to detail and craftsmanship.
Is feeling confident in your femininity and gaining strength from that.
Is a unique contemporary style that draws from the Middle Eastern culture and beauty aesthetic.

My Story – Effa Al Dabbagh


Since I can remember, I’ve had an appreciation for beauty and refined craftsmanship.  I grew up in a family of stylish and strong-willed women where my mother was an inspiration as was my Saudi heritage. My first real project was designing the brides maid dresses for my older sister’s wedding when I was  just 11 years old. Even then as a young girl, if faced with the choice, I would chose one beautifully made designer piece over having several less interesting pieces.

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Video credits: Director Malak Quota   Director of Photography: Aiham Al Subaihi @aiham.s