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Our vision is to enrich women’s lives with beauty. Empowering women by making them feel beautiful and confident, drawing their strength from their femininity.


Since I can remember, I’ve had an appreciation for beauty and refined craftsmanship. I grew up in a family of stylish and strong-willed women where my mother was an inspiration as was my Saudi heritage. My first real project was designing the brides maid dresses for my older sister’s wedding when I was just 11 years old. Even then as a young girl, if faced with the choice, I would chose one beautifully made designer piece over having several less interesting pieces. But mostly I wanted to create my own unique designs, and I looked up to the successful business women of the 80’s and 90’s and knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.


This, combined with my love of drawing and painting led me to pursue my degree in fashion in London. My studies and the first few years working with some of the finest luxury brands between Dubai and Paris fine-tuned my eye for beauty, detail and craftsmanship preparing me for my next big step.


Still keeping true to my culture, I was motivated to design a contemporary collection of gowns and abayas for the independent modern woman.


In 2007, working in a little spare room in Dubai‎, I made my first collection of 8 styles. we produced 40 pieces, and they sold out!


Since then as the business grew, I never looked back. We had our challenges and set backs on the way, but my passion and our team spirit kept us moving forward and learning.. and the learning never stops.


Each season my team and I work endlessly to produce a more beautiful, luxurious and elegant collection for you. The overwhelming majority of pieces are handmade in our atelier. If we do outsource, it is with like minded suppliers that meet our standards to the highest quality.


Every piece is created with the intention of making a woman, not only look good, but feel beautiful and radiate confidence. I really feel that this is what makes my brand unique.


My joy is to create beauty, and our goal as a team is to give you a better and more beautiful collection season upon season.


If you have an appreciation for quality, elegance and heritage please visit our Effa boutique in Jumeirah, Dubai, or our online store, and treat yourself to something beautiful that you know is made with love.

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Effa Al Dabbagh is theCreative Director of her eponymous label. Born in Saudi Arabia, Effa graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion from the UK. Her rich cultural heritage, coupled with her career as a brand manager and fashion buyer, working with internationally acclaimed brands such as Christian Lacroix, Valentino and Lanvin, greatly influenced her brand and collections. Effa Al Dabbagh understands quality, luxury and craftsmanship.


The Effa Al Dabbagh brand of Ready To Wear and Effa brand of Abaya Couture are made for the truly glamorous and sophisticated, modern woman. Effa’s love of color continues to be the inspiration behind her designs with a focus on elegance and femininity. The Effa Al Dabbagh brand is renowned for the couture-like attention to detail, and each piece displays the passion for intricate design, fine fabrics, beautiful cuts and finishing,leaving the wearer with a luxury feel.


Effa believes in women’s empowerment and stresses this aspect throughout her work, providing elegant, stylist, yet modest options for her clients as part of her collections. Bursting with color and romance, Effa’s collection truly brings out the best in a woman, making her clients look and feel fabulous, glowing with beauty and confidence in each piece.

Our Values:

ELEGANCE is understated, effortless and timeless.

QUALITY is beautiful, rich fabrics and finishing, attention to detail and craftsmanship.

WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT is feeling confident in your femininity and gaining strength from that.

BEAUTY is refinement, romance and lady-like air.

HERITAGE is a unique contemporary style that draws from the Middle Eastern culture and beauty aesthetic.


2015: Received ‘Best Abaya Designer’ at the Middle East Fashion Awards.

2014: Named one of the ‘Top 100 Leaders Inspiring A Kingdom – Saudi Arabia’s Entrepreneurial Elite’ by Forbes Middle East.

2012: Received the prestigious honorary award from MBC/Persil – 1st place for Abaya design in the region.